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Painting Lessons

Titalee Arts is open for using any painting medium including oils, acrylics, watercolours and pastels. Students are encouraged to work on their own ideas and compositions with the guidance of an experienced artist and tutor who is on hand to help you through the technical and compositional aspects of your work. Develop your core painting skills in this creative, encouraging environment.

Team of Imaginative Trendsetter Achievers Loved by Everyone Everywhere


Team of

Here at Titalee Arts, it's not just a team, we call it our Family. The Family who paints together stays together.



Imagineering meets reality at Titalee Arts. You are granted personal space to envision and produce for yourself.



We don't miss any trends—whether it's painting glass, wood, textiles, or anything else on the endless list. We carry whatever you can think of.



Not just Mrs. Seema Malavi ma’am. But her students have also had tremendous achievements. The wall of achievement never goes empty.


Loved by

Because all of the students and their parents have shown so much affection, the place is extremely fortunate.



At Titalee Arts, age is not a factor. Whether you are an expert or a rookie, all age groups are welcome. At Titalee Arts, you are all very welcome.



We have students from all over the globe. There are no limits to the creative train of Titalee Arts.


Personal Attention

Throughout the sessions, each student receives individual attention. so that students won't ever feel excluded.

25 Years of Experience

Mrs. Seema Malavi has worked in the art industry for 25 years. Her knowledge and proficiency are unmatched.

Friendly Environment

Students at Titalee Arts benefit from a welcoming and fully forthcoming atmosphere that fosters creativity.

Open for all Ages

Whether you are 5 or 50, you are all welcome to explore your creative side. At Titalee Arts, age is just a number.

Immediate Feedback

Sincere criticism for your development on the correct road will be provided, along with guidance. Without any delay.

Teaching Assistance

The best assisting art professors are available at Titalee Arts to help and mentor you along your entire journey.

Adaptive Teaching

All Courses and Sessions are tailored to ensure you get the most out of it, taking into account your artistic and grasping abilities.

Join a Course NOW built for You and you will be Attended Personally

We strive to provide Our Students with Top Notch Services to make their Learning Experience Wonderful

Opt for a Trial Free for 1 Days, 1 Hour and you'll never regret it!

Several Courses to join afterwards. Not for existing and ex Students. New Entrants Only. * Conditions Apply

Playing with Colours

Take the guesswork out of mixing colour, learn how to mix the colour you need first time and how to make colour the strength of your artwork.

Working with Pastels

Discover the sponteneity and luscious quality of pastels. Enjoy the energy and vigous of this simple medium that was a favourite of artists like Degas and Picasso.

Using Watercolours

Explore the beauty of this engaging medium known for its luminous and transparent nature. Be guided through a number of exercises, from conventional to less orthodox approaches, then develop and work on your own pieces.

Watercolour & Ink media

Delve into the fluid world of watercolour and ink. Learn how to control these mediums. Experiment with painting techniques, washes and how they behave on different surfaces. Create beautiful works with expressive marks.

Oil Paintings

Discover methods of building an oil painting, from under-painting to finish glazes. Be guided through exercises to build up your skills, then develop your own projects. Learn techniques from the old masters to contemporary styles.

Painting with Acrylics

Create your own abstract image while discovering the possibilities of painting with acrylics. Working on your own project, learn about the qualities of colour and texture provided by paint and how to create a balanced picture.

Contemporary Acrylic Painting

Advanced Development of your painting skills further with more complex and challenging weekly exercises. Explore colour, painting techniques and composition. Learn to create more resolved paintings and immerse yourself in a studio environment.

Oil Painting - Figure & Portraiture

Explore figure and portraiture painting, learning how to use this traditional medium in a variety of ways. Discover techniques including colour mixing, tonal painting, proportion, composition and how to create a likeness. You will also explore and learn to work with Life-models.

Studio Painting

Mark up a return to painting or simply wanting to refine and extend skills and techniques. The focus will be on confidence building and the development of an individual approach as ideas are explored through traditional studio exercises along with some that may be more challenging.

Acrylic Painting - Real to Abstract

Discover the art of painting with acrylics. Learn about brushes, mediums, basic colour theory and how to mix colour as you observe it. Starting with the simplest of objects learn how to create depth and form, gaining confidence to tackle more complex compositions and eventually make your own abstract paintings.

Landscape Painting in Acrylics

Explore landscape painting at your own pace. Key factors such as creating depth and the colours of light will be explored, along with such fundamental things as how to paint the sky, clouds, trees etc. Research around and harbour with cameras and a small paint kit to gather material for development in the studio.

Advanced In-room Studio Painting

This is for students seeking critical feedback in a supportive environment. Develop your own visual language prompted by visual stimuli and conversation. A new project or theme is introduced each term as an optional starting point. It is designed for experienced painters wishing to bring their skills and ideas to exhibition standard.

Realism Painting with Oils or Acrylics

Learn about drawing and painting from life as well as using photographs as a starting point and tool for observation. Work in differing approaches such as the Direct Painting Manner (Alla Prima) or multi-layered painting whilst exploring colour theory, design and composition. Students can work in acrylic or oil paints.

Make a Large Scale Painting

Working on a large canvas, create your own painting. Learn how to use acrylic mediums and be guided through some basic painting techniques, colour theory, composition and achieve your own large scale painting.

Painting with Acrylics - Realism to Abstraction

Learn about painting mediums and techniques to depict real like and how to use colour successfully. Then, explore the how and what of abstraction to create your own abstract painting. Refine your painting skills and discover how to generate new ideas.

Painting for creating a Collage

Discover collage, a different approach to art making. Work on a composition using old photos, books, magazines and material scraps. Techniques will include image transfer, collage and carbon transfer. Create a small visual diary of studies and a final work.

Contemporary Painting with Natural Resin

Be introduced to natural pigments, oxides and resins suitable for painting that you can collect and make yourself. Discover the beauty of these natural materials while experimenting with how to build layers of colour and texture on your prepared surfaces.

Painting Techniques Egg Tempera

This ancient painting medium is applied in thin, semi opaque layers to create great precision pieces. Learn how to make your own Egg Tempera then work on a carefully prepared wooden surface create paintings reflecting the brilliance of this fascinating medium.

Painting with Hot Wax - Encaustic

Explore the ancient method of Encaustic painting when beeswax is melted and mixed with coloured pigment which was brought back into popularity by famous American artist Jasper Johns. Learn how to mix your colours, what materials to use and then how to apply layers to build up a painting using metal knives, brushes and other tools. Used as a painting medium, it can also be manipulated to create different textures.

About Us

Titalee Arts is an arts institute cum organization based in the heart of Surat (Gujarat), India, one of the oldest towns (now-a-days, next to a metropolitan city) and mainly populated by arts-lovers in India.
Since 1998

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We are as Unique as YOU ! ! !

We are not trifling followers of the crowd. We Follow our ultra uniqueness.

- Seema Abhinav Malavi / Artist

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