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Help Promote Us

We want as many people as possible to find out about Titalee Arts and get engage with Arts and Crafts activities for themselves as well as their Kids and Peers and all People who fan Drawing and Painting. If you can help with the publicity and promotion of the website and us - Titalee Arts , please get in touch!

Here are some suggestions of what you can do to help our institute and it's activities. We know better that you can do much more.

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Share Website-Link

Feel free to provide a link to our website, here is one for your ready-reference as well as to assist copy the link. Please check Social Sharer Button on the Footer.

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Befriend on Social Media

Ofcourse, we are using social networks to help spread the news about the creativities, activities, courses and up-coming events. Why not befriend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter? Click on the corresponding icons, tell your friends and share our details add comment for events and site summary.

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Write a Testimonial

We adore your views and spells; express your views and opinions to our connections that may inspire them, their in-mates, family members, more from our professional-circles, and many others to walk about and talk about Titalee Arts. We appreciate these efforts; thanking one and you all.

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Day Workshop at Your Place

Yes, why not? You also can learn with your group or social circle or your neighbours or your friends and relatives. Call them for a get-to-gether at your home or a nearby place and organize a workshop along with a party after or before as it suits you. You can be at a different activity than the regular ones.

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February 16th, 2023 @ 7PM